Projects, News, and Photos

This page provides information on bike-related projects and issues in Orinda.

Countywide Bike Plan Update (March 2017)

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) is working on updating the Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.  This is your opportunity to comment, not just on issues in Orinda but anywhere else in Contrac Costa County as well. You can provide your input by going to Updates on the plan will be available at or by contacting Brad Beck at CCTA.

Additional BikeLink Lockers Added at Orinda BART (January 2016)

BART has added more secure bike parking at the Orinda Station.  In addition to the bike racks inside the paid area of the station, there are now a total of 38 secure Bike Link cage parking spaces outside on the north side of the station. Some lockers are just outside on the sidewalk, others are in the adjacent parking lot.  If you are not familiar with how the Bike Link cages work, please visit How it Works on the BikeLink website for information.

Green Safety Paint Added to Moraga Way Undercrossing (November 2015)

Green safety paint was added to the “conflict” zone to provide drivers visual demarcation of crossing the bike lane as they access the westbound Highway 24 on-ramp from Northbound Camino Pablo.


New Bike Racks at Orinda BART (May 2015)

In early May 2015, a number of new bike racks were added at the Orinda BART station.  These racks, which provide about 50 bike parking spaces, are in a secure location inside the fare gates.  Bike commuters can use the bike/luggage fare gate and park their bike in this area. Then go right up the adjacent escalator or stairs.  No more car parking hassles (or fees!)


Camino Pablo Repaving and Bike Pavement Markings and Signage (May – June 2015)

Paving is now complete on Camino Pablo.  The project, needed to replace badly degraded pavement, included striping for bike lanes in some areas and increased signage.  The two-lane car right-turn entrance onto from northbound Camino Pablo onto westbound Hwy 24 west will remain.  There is an ongoing debate about safety, and the configuration is far from ideal. but the the general consensus is that new markings and signage increase visibility and are an improvement for cyclists over previous conditions.  In July the Contra Costa Times published an article about the new lane striping.  Bike Orinda is discussing with the City the possibility of removing the second (innermost) right-turn lane.


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